DomeShelter Australia has reported a high level of interest from attendees at five mining expos in which it recently exhibited.

Great interest has been shown for the DomeShelter™ Fabric Structures, which is seen as a credible and reliable alternative to steel buildings. The DomeShelter™ Structures have gained a significant foothold in the mining sector in Australia as the industry develops more confidence in their product.

Advances in fabric technology and proof of its usage in the field in some of the harshest environments have significantly improved confidence in fabric shelters. Many of the worlds leading mining and industrial companies are users and the shelters dominate the skyline on many remote sites, attracting attention from the sites subcontractors.

Fabric Structures supplied by DomeShelter Australia are designed and engineered to withstand the wind speeds typically experienced in the shelter location, right up to severe cyclonic winds, found for instance in Australia’s north-west coastal region. The arched design of Fabric Structures generally provides less resistance to strong winds than the standard vertical flat wall of a steel building.

After years of experience in the Australian market, DomeShelter has ventured into the export market. Go West is typically applied to the Western Australian geographic region by businesses based on the east coast, but in DomeShelter’s case, Go West saw them track successfully into the African, Middle East and South American markets.

DomeShelter Australia Structures are now found in over 30 countries and are being used on some of the worlds most significant mining, industrial and oil and gas projects.