There’s a well-known Primax client in the USA with a unique, catchy name. A provider of liquid handling solutions, they’ve memorably called themselves ‘Rain for Rent’.  Family-owned and operated, they’re famous for their high-end engineering expertise and the ability to tackle complex jobs, cost effectively.

That’s what makes ‘Rain for Rent’ a perfect business partner for AllightSykes / AllightPrimax. So over the years we’ve helped them to maintain a fleet of Sykes Australia water equipment for their USA rental business. And they knew exactly who to call when they urgently needed four new pumps.

In early December 2017, they called Doug Bartholomew, the AllightPrimax USA Sales Manager, with what appeared to be a seemingly impossible task: supply them with four specialized pump sets to the Rain for Rent Colorado location in just six weeks. That included the pumps being fully tested and operational too!  That’s a tall order at the best of times.

Adding to this difficult task, the holiday season presents obvious capability issues (for all stakeholders involved, not the least being transport logistics), plus there’s currently robust demand across all industrial accounts, so stocking inventory is low – both in the USA and worldwide.

When we’re under the pump, we rise to the occasion

As Doug explained: “This project was very important to our client. If they delivered as promised, it would open the doors to ongoing invitations from the end user. Conversely, failure to deliver would seal (if not slam) those very same doors of opportunity.”

So, the discovery process started immediately: emails were sent, late night phone calls made and conference calls scheduled. Only when we were 100% sure we could deliver – and the profitability for all was in reach – Rain for Rent sent the purchase order.

“The PO set into motion the wheels of production across three continents,” said Doug.

The actual pumps were needed for site dewatering in Colorado. As they required multiple well-point systems – and because site-geology proved acceptable – the Sykes/Primax WD150e (50HP electric-driven) pump was selected.

“With an oil-less vacuum pump, it results in very long service intervals – perfect for continuously running pumps. Add to that the high-pressure capacity, plus the stainless steel impeller, plates and shaft, it’s an extremely long-life, anti-corrosive pumping solution with little maintenance required,” said Will Hinson, Manager USA Operations, AllightPrimax.

Pulling together the pieces of a complex puzzle. 

Now, with the right tool for the job identified (the reliable WD150e), next came the extremely tricky part: sourcing all the components, assembly and international delivery. Paul White, the long-term Production Manager at Sykes Australia, was quick to assure everyone involved that all parts were available. However, beneath his calm exterior, it took some swift action and clever work – reprioritizing production schedules and confirming precise delivery times of components that were still on order (but still to be delivered). In the middle of the silly season, this took even more resolve, experience and expertise than usual.

At the same time, the USA team – working from specialist drawings supplied by the Australian engineering team – sourced the frame fabrication locally (in the States). Being holiday time and with the current load facing most US fabricators, this took some lateral thinking and quick decision making: a small boutique welding shop was trusted to construct the bases and they performed on time and on budget.

Working as part of this coordinated, team effort, Roger Rapin – in the USA – rapidly sourced the complaint couplings and adaptors. And acting seamlessly with the others, Adam Trovato flawlessly executed the shipping, including air and road freight.

When everything arrived in the USA, an experienced Primax Technician was part of the package: Mathew O’Connell was on-hand to help our customer with the operational details. He travelled to Colorado, overseeing the assembly of the completed units and completing the last piece of this complex, international puzzle.

We love it when a plan comes together

Carefully choreographed and flawlessly executed, this complex integration of technical know-how and logistical coordination turned out to be a smooth, textbook operation and a benchmark example of cross-border teamwork.

Skill, expertise, experience, communication – they were all needed and seamlessly applied to ensure our promise to this valued client was fulfilled. Doug is very happy to report that the feedback from ‘Rain for Rent’ has been great: the products continue to perform just as expected and the end user couldn’t be happier.

“We love it when a plan comes together, let’s do it again,” he enthused.