American made and moulded in Mesa, Arizona, Quick Hooks allow for a new and inventive way to store and run cable safely within OSHA regulations. Quick Hooks eliminate tripping hazards by securely fastening cables to overhead structures.

The rugged patented design allows the Quick Hook to hold twice as much weight as its competitors while remaining the same cost. Easily mounted and installed, Quick Hooks provide a safer working area for vehicles and pedestrian traffic alike.

Even when running multiple cables, the Quick Hook can still be turned to as a reliable solution. The Quick Hook holds up to 80lbs of force and does not waiver in high wattage areas as the product is completely non-conductive.

Quick Hook can either be hooked or screwed into place, allowing it to fit in almost any overhead environment and moved easily to a different location if needed.

Quick Hooks abide by 15 different cord related OSHA regulations, keeping well within compliance.

Quick Hook is a simple, user-friendly safety tool. One method for easy installation is to place the Quick Hook up in place, then carefully spread the opposite curved end sideways enough to twist the wire or cables down inside the hook, holding the cable in place.

It’s wise to use a Quick Hook every 10-20 feet as to avoid slack and low hanging cable. Extra hooks should be implemented when going around corners.

Items suspended should be compatible with one another and should not create a hazard. Electric cords carrying greater than 600V should not be carried with other electric cords, except if allowed due to the type of wire covering.

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