Part of the planning phase of every project is thinking ahead toward the items that typically occur near completion. And one of those things is a long construction punch list of items still to be addressed. The punch list has often been done as part of commissioning, which has traditionally started as the completion date approached. But by shifting the start of the punch list process to the beginning, you can identify and fix any errors as they’re discovered. The best way to make that happen? Throw away the notepads and spreadsheets, and instead adopt punch list software with features that introduce structure and efficiency at every step in the process with these key features.

Cloud technology

Increased speed, efficiency, accessibility and timeliness. Those are some of the benefits cloud technology can bring to your construction punch list process, making it easier to track and check off issues. You could look at it like a multitasking enabler, connecting everyone in real time all across the job site and in the back office, making access to data and documents from anywhere possible, and housing those documents virtually all in one place. This is a game-changing capability especially for long-term, large projects like public works, infrastructure and commercial builds involving dozens if not hundreds of subcontractors and multiple job sites.

Mobile access

If ongoing quality checks aren’t already a best practice for your construction company, mobile access could be the key feature that makes it possible. With nearly everyone carrying a smartphone these days, why not turn it into a rolling construction punch list tool? When doing quality control walkthroughs and scheduled inspections, you can’t beat the time-saving convenience of being able to snap photos of issues and uploading them directly into the software along with any notes or instructions. When it comes time to verify follow-up on these items, proof of completion is transmitted in the same way.

Documenting items using handheld devices helps keep flaws from going undetected and becoming more consequential issues (potentially resulting in repair work after the owner has taken possession), and further shortens the end-of-project punch list. That can make for a significantly more efficient closeout process.

One location for all documentation

For a process as doc-heavy as the construction punch list, it doesn’t just matter that you document, it’s also where everything winds up. Think of all the items that play a role in the punch list process — the change orders, contract requirements, photos, checklists, emails, records of deficiencies and their resolution. Where do they go once they’re created? How long does it take to find them when they’re needed? And once you do find them, how do you know they’re the most current version? Thanks to Cloud-enabled punch list software, all these related documents are uploaded and housed in a single place for the project team to easily access. No rummaging through multiple file servers, computer desktops or even file cabinets. Nothing is misplaced, overlooked, damaged or corrupted. Just think what that would mean in terms of efficiency.

One platform for communication

With all files and data in one place, all punch list-related communication can happen there, too, in its own hub. Why is having a communication hub within the software so important? Wouldn’t email or phone suffice? The old, disconnected ways of communicating are simply not efficient in an industry as time-dependent as construction.

Having a hub organizes and streamlines communication among everyone on the project, from those at the job site to the most distant of remote team members. It’s the fastest, most efficient way to notify impacted or necessary teams of things like time-sensitive change orders before they have a chance to wind up on the punch list as a major rework item. Not only that, but it’s also easier to send targeted messages and alerts to the appropriate subcontractors or craftspeople as non-compliant work or deficiencies are discovered. Basically, it becomes the platform where actionable items are shared and collaborative decisions are made based on the real-time information being communicated.

The value of construction punch list software goes beyond features that improve the process itself. If you’ve ever been faced with a long punch list, you know that can impact not just the completion date, but ROI as well because of the extra time and money it will take to perform rework. Using the right software can shorten that list while helping to preserve anticipated payment, as well as retainage, for contractors and subcontractors.

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