Whilst DomeShelter Australia Fabric Structures have been in the market for nearly 25 years, to many first-time buyers they are still a new experience and they need assurance that this type of shelter system will be fit for purpose and withstand the rigours of the environment it will be placed in.

A significant portion of DomeShelter Australia clients are repeat customers from the mining and industrial sectors around the world. Many have purchased large numbers for multiple sites from 28 countries within Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Asia as well as Australia. Once they have experienced the many benefits of a Fabric Structure in situ, most find it difficult to revert to the traditional steel shed.

These benefits can be categorised by four ‘P’s:

  1. Purchasing

As most DomeShelter™ Fabric Shelters are standard size and ‘off-the-shelf’, ordering one is incredibly simple. A simple contact with a DomeShelter™ Consultant from anywhere in the world and the DomeShelter™ team swing into action to present an elegant fit-for-purpose fabric shelter solution.

The time from initial contact to order placement and then shipping of the shelter to site can often be done in as little as a week or two. Custom designed shelters and those exported from Australia can take longer but still less than alternative shelter solutions.

  1. Placement

All DomeShelter™ Fabric Structures are packed in kit form for transport, with everything required for installation included. Exports orders are packed into standard sea containers for delivery direct to site.

Once on-site, the Fabric Shelter can be installed in a very short time, most often by client’s own teams following proven instructions provided by DomeShelter Australia.

Just as they can be installed quickly and simply, they can also be dismantled and relocated across or off-site to meet changing work conditions. It is not unusual for 6-8 relocations to occur during a project lifetime.

At the conclusion of the project, the shelter can be dismantled and repacked into kit form for storage or sale.

  1. People

Cooler, lighter, quieter all make for a better working environment for staff in the hot and harsh conditions that Fabric Structures are generally located in.

  1. Pride

They look good, perform well and can be signed with your company logo or messaging in the manufacturing process to promote your brand and key messages.

There’s a few more ‘P’ benefits we could continue with including price.

For more information on DomeShelter Australia Fabric Structures, contact us directly.

Export orders are welcome.