UltraZyme is a blend of environmentally friendly cultures specifically designed to remediate organic wastes and provide odor control in a variety of water and waste-water treatment related applications.

UltraZyme products are available in a variety of powder forms to meet the individual demands of a number of water treatment needs. The enzyme/bacteria cultures contained in the products are precisely chosen to rapidly consume the wastes commonly found in the treatment environments in which the products are traditionally applied. UltraZyme can improve the efficiency in many of the steps involved in the wastewater treatment process. As the water remediation takes place simultaneous odor control occurs due to the reduced organic load present in the water that is normally the cause of the odor. Therefore UltraZyme does not just mask the odor; it attacks it at the source to permanently eliminate the problem.

UltraZyme products can be used to improve the efficiency during many steps of a wastewater treatment process. UltraZyme products are in concentrated form allowing for efficient, cost-effective use in both small and large-scale water treatment applications. Any microorganisms present in UltraZyme are fully non-pathogenic so the product is safe to use in any environment, including those close to people, animals and containing aquatic life of all kinds. UltraZyme is also available in a version that is specifically designed to safely consume and digest hydrocarbons for oil spills on land and industrial effluents containing a high percentage of hydrocarbon material.