Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI), the leading designer of professional-grade laser rangefinders for field data collection and mapping, is announcing the release of the TruPoint TM 300, a fully integrated laser with vertical and horizontal angle encoders capable of producing 3D, survey-grade measurements. The TruPoint 300 costs thousands less than traditional total stations and is a fraction of the size, yet it still produces +/- 1mm range accuracy.

LTI is known for developing pulse-laser technology that is used in their professional-grade lasers for field measurements and mapping as well as the world’s most popular line of recreational rangefinders by Bushnell for golfing and hunting. Years ago, LTI’s TruPulse series hit the professional market by storm because it was the size and weight of a handheld recreational rangefinder, but possessed a higher degree of accuracy, had data output communication via Bluetooth®, as well as onboard solutions such as percent slopes, heights and missing line values. The TruPoint 300 is LTI’s first phase-technology product with a laser diode that emits light pulses with a distinct wavelength and pulse repetition frequency that obtains millimeter accuracy.

The higher level of accuracy and the fully integrated MapStar® Angle Technology make this an ideal solution for thousands of professionals who work with GIS, incident mapping, crush analysis, surveying, electric utilities, architecture, and construction marketplace. The TruPoint 300 will measure the distance between two remote points and has onboard solutions for volume, heights, 2D and 3D areas. You can easily navigate through measured data, routines, and menus with the full-colour touchscreen display. For improved aiming confidence, the integrated red-dot visual indicator and crosshair with four-power zoom camera makes taking measurements easier, especially when taken indoors.

The unit will also capture a photo of every shot you take that includes raw measurement values and onboard calculations. You can store these photos and data in a CAD-friendly format for professional documentation. With Bluetooth® and WLAN capabilities, you can now wirelessly communicate with apps and transfer X, Y, Z point data files with images. Several measurement and mapping apps designed by LTI are expected to release within the next several months.

"The TruPoint 300 really expands LTI’s product portfolio with a full range of laser models. We now have a solution that offers survey-grade accuracy at a price point that rivals anything in the marketplace," says Derrick Reish, Laser Technology’s professional measurement senior product manager.

"It also opens up more opportunities in markets where our flagship TruPulse models were not a good fit for specific applications such as indoor measurements or mapping within tighter spaces."