Checkers Industrial Safety Products is taking a proactive role in encouraging people to plan ahead to reduce safety risks in their spring activities. Injuries and accidental deaths occur much more frequently as outdoor activities increase, so being prepared can make a big difference in enjoying the springtime while reducing hazards.

Checkers president and CEO Ray Torres said: "Everyone looks forward to this time of year, especially after the long winter we experienced in most of the country."

"As families start planning their spring activities, we hope to see them include safety as a top priority on their checklist. At Checkers, we take safety very seriously, and we are pleased to offer such a wide variety of products that bring an added measure of safety and peace of mind to individuals and families."

Wheel chocks

When you are using a truck or SUV by itself or pulling something behind it, Checkers suggests having a set of wheel chocks to secure your vehicle when it is parked. Brake failure can quickly create a very dangerous situation.

Torres stated: "Placing a set of our Value-Check™ rubber wheel chocks against the tires will help stabilise your vehicle and keep you and those around you safe. The compact size of these durable chocks makes them very easy to handle and store."

Warning whips

Spring is the season to fire-up ATVs and dirt bikes for some great family fun. According to Ray Torres: "The best riding usually involves climbing hills or maneuvering through rolling terrain. In these situations, not being able to see what is over the next hill or where your fellow riders are through the dust can create a hazardous environment and a costly accident."

Checkers offers high-visibility Value-Check warning whips that you simply mount to your ATV or dirt bike to make them much more visible to those around you and reduce your risk of accidents.

LED beacons

For many people, warmer weather means venturing off-road into areas that test their trucks and SUVs. Night driving also increases considerably this time of year and insurance studies show drivers are three times more likely to be involved in an accident at night.

"Whether you are parked along the roadside at night or stranded in a rugged area, a Value-Check LED beacon is a great way to increase your visibility far beyond the light created by blinking tail lights," said Torres.

These beacons are built with 26 LED bulbs to increase visibility and they easily attach to your vehicle with their powerful magnetic base.

Cable protectors

With technology use on the rise, homes and garages have more cords and cables crossing their floors than ever before. With this trend, injuries from trips and falls are growing by disturbing numbers. According to Checkers, one of the easiest ways to prevent cables and cords from becoming trip hazards is to use Value-Check rubber cable protectors.

"These cable protectors help eliminate trip hazards while they protect cables and cords from damage," said Torres.

"Whether the use is temporary or permanent, using cable protectors will extend the life of your cables and reduce the risk of a trip and fall accident."