After contract award of Gucheng about a year ago, SIEMAG TECBERG signed a contract for the mine shaft hoisting system again on April 28th with the owner Lu’an Group, which is located in the coal highly, centralized Shanxi-Province in China.

Founded as Lu’an Mine Bureau in 1959, Lu’an Group has now grown into one of the top five coal groups in Shanxi province, with 75 subsidiaries and branch offices. The group has achieved a yearly coal production of more than 80 mio. tons in 2012.

For more than 20 years now, Lu’an Group and SIEMAG TECBERG have had a fruit-ful business relationship together since the latter delivered the first set of hoisting system to the former in 1988, as well as its first hoisting system for the Chinese market. During this time period SIEMAG TECBERG installed a large reference base for Lu’an – Chancun, Gaohe, Tunliu and Licun Coal Mine are only a few of the common executed projects. With the signature of the new contract for Yuwu service shaft winder, Lu’an and SIEMAG TECBERG are opening a new chapter of the fruitful cooperation.

Under the contract, SIEMAG TECBERG, and its partner Siemens, will perform the design, manufacturing, delivery, installation, commissioning and service of one hoisting system for Yuwu south ventilation shaft. Besides, a highly reliable and proven cage decking system belongs also to the scope of supply. In cooperation with the newly founded Tianjin SIEMAG TECBERG 2 sets 4-rope head sheaves in 5m diameter will be supplied locally with German engineering.

Looking back to a successful and satisfying cooperation between these two companies, we hope the traditional friendship will once more be confirmed.