Rainstorm knows that water on dust control is water lost.

Every treatment of Dustmag™ to unsealed roads saves an average of 4l of water per square metre of road.

Dustmag™ removes daily /weekly watering for road maintenance. Dustmag™ delivers 1km of road at 8m wide = 32,000l of water saved per day.

Benefits of the system include:

  • Once applied, roads are not watered for up to three months post-application. The need for daily road watering is removed, along with the expense of running water carts
  • Dustmag™ draws moisture from the atmosphere during compaction and sealing, allowing the road to continually pack-down under traffic straight after application, with the surface becoming tight bound and dust-free
  • It is ideal for isolated sites with limited water availability, or sites with water costs or valuable potable supply. Dustmag™ is a sustainable product and important water conservation measure protecting potable water supplies

Dustmag™ protects a well-prepared road for months. Reactive road maintenance is controlled into less frequent planned maintenance runs. Water savings have a distinct advantage for clients in remote locations resulting in large road operational cost savings and large road maintenance savings.

Rainstorm clients have a combined water saving tally of more than 20 billion litres of water saved over 20 years of Dustmag™ applications to roads and open areas.