Samarco Mineração, an internationally known Brazilian mining company, has received an award for purchasing the Collision Avoidance System (CAS) unit number 15,000 from SAFEmine for the Germano mine. SAFEmine’s partner in Brasil, Devex Mining, had initiated installation of the SAFEmine CAS in late 2012 and now over 160 vehicles are protected at Samarco Mineração.

Samarco Mineração has placed employee safety as one of its main priorities. After reviewing different collision avoidance technologies available in the market, the decision was taken for a proven technology which is running in over 45 mines across the globe for more than five years.

SAFEmine’s CAS has evolved into the leading Collision Avoidance and Traffic Awareness solution for surface mines in the world. The unique technology, which provides seamless integration of further safety initiatives such as fatigue monitoring, truck cabin display de-cluttering (SafetyCentre, ShovelAssist), and reliable detection of tagged as well as untagged objects, has become the choice of many leading mining companies looking for a solution to safe working environment.

This award represents another important milestone for SAFEmine’s Collision Avoidance Systems. SAFEmine is fully committed to the continued support of its products and valued customers throughout Latin America and the whole world, and continues to expand its product line with regular product launches as to provide increased safety, efficiency, and productivity to surface mining operations.