SAFEmine presents the world’s first all-in-one Collision Avoidance System, the SafetyCentre. The patented SafetyCentre de-clutters the cabin of mining equipment and optimises traffic safety alarms by intelligently integrating SAFEmine Collision Avoidance, radar, cameras, and other traffic safety related systems onto a single monitor. To assist the operator and to focus his attention, the SafetyCentre prioritises the information on this monitor as well as the respective alarms according to the specific situation. All real-world testing was highly successful and the first 150 systems will be rolled out before the end of the year.

During MinExpo 2012 in Las Vegas (September 24 – 26), SAFEmine launched and demonstrated a next generation collision avoidance system (CAS), the first of its kind, which integrates three different proximity awareness and collision avoidance technologies into a single intelligent system.

SAFEmine’s SafetyCentre System (SCS) is designed to combine SAFEmine CAS, radar, and cameras into a single user-friendly interface. The SCS takes advantage of the strengths of each technology and prioritises information and alarms so that the most critical threat is always identified and brought to the operator’s attention.

The SCS uses GPS-based SAFEmine CAS to detect vehicles and plant equipment which are fitted with SAFEmine systems. Radar is used to detect untagged personnel and obstacles, while cameras provide greater visual awareness for operators. Centralised vehicle tracking, reporting and alerting for pre-programmed situations are also provided by using GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) and Wi-Fi networking.

Optionally, the SCS can be equipped with active personnel protection to detect nearby workers on the ground. It can provide additional functionality, such as alerting nearby staff in case of an emergency.

To identify the driver and prevent unauthorised use of a vehicle, a DriverID system, compatible with industry standard security RFID cards, can also be seamlessly integrated into the SafetyCentre.

"This is a new generation solution and an innovative step in extracting the best features from various technologies and combining them into a single compact product. The SafetyCentre presents all information in a unified and simple way on a single traffic safety screen, which can complement the screen used for fleet management and vehicle dispatching" says Peter Stegmaier, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of SAFEmine.

Information provided by the SCS to the operator includes:

  • A TopView showing all nearby vehicle movements in real-time, including the respective vehicle IDs
  • Smart switching between TopView and images from multiple cameras, depending on the situation
  • Movement detection on cameras
  • Graphic and audible collision alerts
  • Alerts for events such as speeding and obstacles, e.g., overhead power lines
  • Additional information such as alerts when approaching blasting zones, sharp turns, and ramps
  • Health and status messages from the system itself and/or dispatch centres
  • Additional driver and vehicle safety-related information such as monitoring of seatbelts, handbrakes, etc.

In addition, the SCS can detect and report soiled camera lenses and provide incident analysis reports customised to site rules, including recorded camera videos. It is fully compatible with existing SAFEmine installations, protecting respective investments.
"The SafetyCentre’s technology can be fully configured to the mine’s requirements and is "future-proof" as it allows for the addition of further sensors and technologies, such as fatigue monitoring and driver ID as well as for the integration into mine management systems." says Mr. Urs Rothacher, CEO of SAFEmine. "The SafetyCentre shows SAFEmine’s continued commitment to the improvement of traffic safety in surface mining."

The SafetyCentre was developed in close cooperation with Kumba Iron Ore’s Sishen mine (Anglo American) and Trysome, both in South Africa.