As of today, the South Africa’s Department of Mineral Resources regulations are in force, calling upon surface mines to enhance safety for all trackless mobile machinery (TMM) such as trucks.

To meet the new requirements, South African mines continue to choose Hexagon Mining’s safety technology, SAFEmine.

Central to SAFEmine’s appeal is its world-leading Collision Avoidance System (CAS), which helps mines improve safety and efficiency, through protecting both human and mechanical assets.

SAFEmine CAS is at work in more than 9,000 mining vehicles across South Africa for over five years. Over the last months, five additional large mine sites have committed to installing the new, fully compatible, third-generation SAFEmine CAS into their fleets.

SAFEmine CAS is proven to significantly reduce mining accidents and save millions of dollars by reducing the risk of business disruption and maintenance costs.

Premier Coal Mine in Western Australia’s maintenance superintendent said: "Premier had more than 53% reduction in metal-to-metal contacts within the year following SAFEmine full implementation."

An online fleet monitoring tool enables managers to track all vehicles and equipment to increase efficiency and prevent abuse and theft. The entire fleet is viewable in real-time on any smartphone, computer, or tablet.

In response to the increasing fatigue-related incidents, SAFEmine has developed a three-pillar approach to fatigue monitoring for increased reliability. The appearances of operators, their body clock and reaction to traffic when operating are analysed. FatigueMonitor is the only provider to integrate fatigue monitoring and collision avoidance in one device.

More highlights of SAFEmine CAS include:

  • 360° protection at any speed or visibility
  • New technology to detect all obstacles, including pedestrians
  • Technology available to slow and stop equipment such as trucks
  • Third-generation available, with new nuisance alarm elimination technology
  • Many contractors are already equipped and familiar with SAFEmine CAS
  • Competitive price with special financing options