A leading mine in South America recently conducted a survey, polling their vehicle operators on the view of and experience with the SAFEmine’s Collision Avoidance System (CAS). Results indicate that 98% of the 521 operators say that SAFEmine CAS is a useful tool for keeping them and their colleagues safe.

Additional statistics and comments from the operator survey include:

  • 98% of the operators believe that the SAFEmine CAS has helped them locate nearby vehicles in their surroundings
  • 97% say that the information presented on SAFEmine CAS is sufficient and easy to interpret
  • 85% are confident that the SAFEmine CAS provides them additional security, both during daylight hours and at night
  • 49% say that the SAFEmine CAS has alerted them in more than ten instances to the presence of vehicles that they had not seen
  • 28% report that the SAFEmine CAS has more than ten times helped them prevent an accident
  • One operator shared an experience where SAFEmine’s CAS saved him from a collision: "While I was driving and taking a curve, I suddenly found myself very close to a bus full of personnel. The bus was going 10km/h and with only parking lights on. Thanks to CAS, I avoided a collision."
  • Another operator stated: "One day when I was driving in reverse I didn’t notice that there was equipment behind me until the system alerted me. Without SAFEmine I would have crashed."
  • "I was in the area of the shovel during my cigarette break. When I started my haul truck there was another haul truck on my blind side. I would have crashed if the system had not alerted me."
  • There have been also instances when operators were sleepy or distracted and the system saved them from an incident. One operator said: "It saved my life. One time I was tired, I wasn’t paying attention, and I nearly crashed, but the system alerted me in time."