SAFEmine has announced the company’s acquisition by Hexagon AB. Founding members, Urs Rothacher, Andrea Schlapbach, Urban Maeder, Peter Stegmaier, released a statement on behalf of the company:

Less than six years ago, SAFEmine introduced a new collision avoidance system to mining, based on proven aviation technology. This has led to a big leap forward in traffic safety in open pit mines all over the world. Since then the company has continuously expanded its product line and is now the leading global provider of traffic safety solutions for the surface mining industry. Today, SAFEmine is proud to announce the company’s acquisition by Hexagon AB.

Hexagon is a leading global provider of design, measurement and visualisation technologies. This is the logical next step in the development of SAFEmine, giving it the flexibility to grow, expand and to intensify customer contacts. SAFEmine will continue to operate as its own organisation and with its own brand,
embedded in the Hexagon mining division, working alongside Devex and Leica Geosystems

Hexagon’s commitment to strategically invest in the mining business and SAFEmine’s technology
portfolio creates opportunities in its mining division to further expand with innovative technologies that
advance the industry.

Nothing will change for customers, employees and partners. SAFEmine will become part of the Hexagon’s mining division but remain autonomous, operate independently and provide the same services by the same people, led by the original founders. On a personal note, SAFEmine would like to express that it is proud to be part of such a committed group of people who, less than six years after the founding of SAFEmine, built a global portfolio of traffic safety products that are supporting thousands of drivers in over 45 mines world-wide and saving lives daily. Every person in today’s team has helped to re-define and revolutionise vehicle safety in the mining sphere. Congratulations on a job well done.

SAFEmine would like to express its deep gratitude to all users, clients and families, without whose continued support, its achievements would not have been possible. Today marks the next chapter for SAFEmine and the company is excited to move forward.