Wheelwash recently delivered its first ever wheel cleaning unit to the Dutch enclave, the Republic of Suriname in South America. Suriname is located north of Brazil and is the only independent Dutch-speaking entity in the Americas.

An initial enquiry was received from Traverco, a mining support company via the Wheelwash website in 2013. The company wanted to install a wash system for its maintenance depot, where it cleaned and repaired its client’s vehicles and machinery that operate on a mine.

After many discussions by email and Skype, Wheelwash recommended its newest cleaning system, the Rhino Ecowash Express. This compact system comprising a 2m wash platform and small recycling tank was perfect for the frequency of use and the kind of material being washed from wheels and under chassis of Traverco’s site vehicles. Due to differences in voltage to the UK, Wheelwash provided a bespoke control panel to suit the site’s specific, electrical requirements.

The Rhino Ecowash Express was transported from the UK to Holland, from where the client shipped this and other equipment in a container. Once in Suriname, engineers supplied by the client constructed the wheel wash as per the detailed instructions that were provided. Within a day, the system was up and running, washing site vehicles.

The Rhino Ecowash Express is one of a new range of wheel cleaning systems supplied by Wheelwash that provides power and water saving features. It is robust and effective, providing a targeted wash to vehicle tyres, treads, wheel arches and under-chassis.

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