Preventative maintenance programmes in plants ensure that effective procedures protect machinery, reduce downtime and save costs.

There are numerous benefits of documenting maintenance procedures and IDCON supports businesses to establish them from scratch to increase output and reliability of product deliveries.

IDCON has developed a solution of how best to approach this as a project and use a CMMS to manage and maintain the procedures. Also, the company recommends how to select preventative maintenance procedures in a practical way that will suit your business, as often it is beneficial to focus on equipment at the component level such as bearings, packing and impellers.

IDCON uses the following considerations when creating preventative maintenance processes:

  • Divide equipment into components
  • How does the component work?
  • How does it fail?
  • What essential care does it need?
  • Is the life of the component predictable or unpredictable?
  • Does it have a failure developing period (FDP)?
  • Select the most cost-effective maintenance method
  • Do maintenance on the run (OTR) or during shutdown (SD) of the equipment?
  • Select objective or subjective (senses) method to check the condition?
  • Develop preventative maintenance tasks
  • Select the frequency based on FDP
  • Decide who is going to do the task on a regular basis
  • Transfer all the preventative maintenance into your CMMS

Visit the company website for more information about effective preventative maintenance procedures for plant production.