A range of new spill kits has been released by Prenco specifically to deal with spills of AdBlue fluid, also known as selective catalytic reduction (SCR) aqueous ammonia and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), which is now being introduced to the Australian market.

AdBlue requires a dedicated supplementary spill kit, as oil and fuel hydrocarbon spill kits are unsuitable and not recommended.

Prenco’s AdBlue spill kits are clearly identified for response to AdBlue fluid spills so that the correct one is used. AdBlue spills must be contained, removed and remediated while maintaining compliance with Environmental Protection Agency Act and policies.

Prenco’s Adblue dedicated spill kits are the first and only AdBlue-approved spill kits in Australia. Prenco dedicated AdBlue spill kits in Blue 20l bucket kits, 40l bag kits, 120l and 240l wheelie bin kits.

Prenco’s range of dedicated AdBlue spill kits are cost-effective and offer a size to suit all needs.