Optech is pleased to announce the release of a gyro-stabilized survey solution that incorporates both active and passive Optech airborne sensors in one multi-sensor configuration. This powerful sensor configuration will significantly increase the data collection efficiency, productivity and overall data quality for Optech’s airborne survey clients.

The Optech GSM survey solution takes full advantage of Optech’s expertise in custom mount designs and multi-sensor installations by integrating SOMAG AG Jena’s proven GSM 3000 gyro-stabilization mount with a precisely designed multi-sensor frame and platform. Fully compatible with all Optech Orion lidar sensors and CS-series digital mapping cameras, the new GSM survey solution provides clean, consistent lidar point distribution and consistently aligned camera imagery in the flight direction, regardless of the flying conditions. Tightly engineered to ensure a compact installation footprint, the GSM survey solution supports up to three sensors in deepportal installations — all without the FOV obstruction issues associated with flush-mount installations.

"The productivity realized from aligned imagery and predictable swath coverage means fewer images and fewer line miles for a given area," commented Michael Sitar, Optech’s Airborne Survey Products Manager. "Coupled with improved data quality and point distribution, the value of an Optech gyro-stabilized survey solution means our clients can provide coincident data sets of consistent quality, distribution and accuracy, each and every time. This translates to higher quality end-products with potentially lower collection and production costs, which we are certain will resonate well with our clients."

According to Sebastian Schreiber, Product Development Manager at SOMAG AG Jena, "The GSM 3000 has been an extremely successful product with more than 200 devices sold globally since 2004. Capable of level accuracies greater than 0.02° in any axis, the mount includes a hydraulic-based system design, ensuring exceptional dynamic stabilization of the sensor payload, resulting in high overall system performance, data quality and collection efficiency. SOMAG is proud to offer gyro-stabilization platforms to support Optech’s gyro-stabilized survey solutions, and we look forward to working with Optech to provide quality airborne survey products to their esteemed clients."

Optech’s GSM survey kit will be available for purchase in January, 2013.