Nimblex is pleased to announce that eBMS has been named the third on the list of The Fastest Growing Tech Companies in Australia Right Now.

On 14 August 2017, ‘The Martec’ revealed a list of 50 Australian companies operating within the industries of: Cloud Computing, Enterprise Software and Social Networking.

Recognition such as the above, reinforces the demand for our Nimblex product by businesses here in Australia and overseas. This demand has led to our continuous growth, since 2011. Currently at eBMS, we have 18 employees and we are still growing, so this number is expected to increase in a matter of days.

This announcement is a true testament to our mission at eBMS of making people’s lives easier by offering flexible, cost-effective technology solutions. As well as, our team at eBMS, who are all passionate, hard-working and intelligent individuals, continually delivering outcomes, which satisfy our clients.

We are lucky to have amazing clients, who are all referees for eBMS and Nimblex. Together we have achieved success for each other and our clients have helped us grow by spreading the word about us.