WPT Power Corporation is proud to announce a new line of Hydraulic Pump Drives. The WPT Power Pump Drives (PPD) will better equip WPT to meet a more extensive range of engine driven application needs and extend our ability to work with our customers on broader application requirements.

The PPDs are available for indirect or auxiliary drives, which make them suitable for off highway and mobile equipment, including wood chippers, road working machines, rock crushers and grinders.

"Our new PPDs are versatile, with several types of pump pads and accessories keeping the options greater for our customers," says Lane Brock, president of WPT Power Corporation. "The PPDs are available in four sizes, which will enable them to handle the rigorous duty cycles of large mobile equipment throughout many industries. The introduction of this new product line of PPDs is consistent with our growth plans for the development of new products that further compliment our already extensive line of power transmission, clutch and brake products."

The PPDs mounts between the engine and the rugged WPT Power Take-Offs and provides for multiple live or clutched pumps. The pump drive is self contained and does not require external lubrication or pumps. Internal heat exchangers can be added where required and a variety of options, including PTO clutches, are available.

The WPT PPDs are available in four different sizes with maximum torque capacities from 413lb-ft [560Nm) through to 4,650lb-ft [6,300Nm] and operating speeds from 2,100rpm to 3,000rpm.

All units mount to standard SAE housings and provide up to eight pump mounting faces. All PPDs are provided with flexible couplings on the input side for torsional dampening.