Productivity and stability are at the highest level with the new Dragflow Amphibious Dredge. The Dragflow DRM (Multi-Purpose Dredge) series represents a step up on the approach of dredging technique. The extreme mobility in any kind of swamp, and the full floatability, allow this dredge to reach most remote locations that are otherwise impossible to get to with any other equipment: the DRM can also easily operate in channels and other narrow water ways.

The new Amphibious Dredge has been completely designed, manufactured and tested by Dragflow’s engineers and technicians, who use their consolidated know-how gained over 25 years of dredge equipment manufacturing, in order to ensure the reliability and functionality of the products. The Amphibious Dredge can be used to remove mud or stones, to transform reservoir banks or clean industrial waste ponds, and also to remove acquatic vegetation growing on the bottom of rivers or lakes.

Now moving your dredge from one pond to another will no longer require dismounting and re-mounting the equipment. The Amphibious Dredge has a high versatility in working both on land or water, it’s easy to handle without winches or propeller needed, and it has a comfortable cabin and a wide working area, thanks to a strong hydraulic crane. Compared with traditional amphibious excavators the new Dragflow Amphibious Dredge can work also in deep water without the need of any additional pontoons. The DRM will have a pumping capacity up to 500cu.m/h with a delivery distance up to 1km: this great performance will enable it to work with the highest productivity ever.