Wlodan have introduced the M2500 mobile washing plant from CDE Global to their operations on the outskirts of Lodz in central Poland. The new washing plant is being used to process a variety of materials including sand and gravel from Wlodan’s own quarry as well as crushed granite.

Wlodan have operated in the Lodz area since 1989 and have been involved in the supply of material to all of the major new road development and repair projects in the area. The material from the new M2500 washing plant will be used by Wlodan in the asphalt and readymix concrete plants they operate.

The introduction of a washing plant was required as a result of the high level of -2mm fraction within the natural sand and gravel at the Wlodan deposit. In order to ensure effective and efficient recovery of this material it was felt that a washing plant was the only viable option. Within the choice of washing plants available Wlodan opted for the M2500 as a result of its successful use of hydrocyclone technology as proven in other installations both in Poland and throughout the world on a wide variety of materials.

"Both the M2500 and Evowash sand washing plant have been employed on many projects in Poland over the last number of years and have proved themselves to be the most efficient sand washing systems available. Given the requirement on this project to ensure efficient recovery of a very fine sand fraction our technology was a good fit for Wlodan" explains Roman Gorski, CDE sales manager for Poland.

Delivery of the new wash plant for Wlodan was undertaken by the CDE distributors for Poland, Ruda Trading International. This is the latest installation in a series of projects that have been won by Ruda since taking on the CDE equipment range following the Bauma exhibition in Munich, Germany in 2010.

Commenting on the latest project Bartek Ruda said "The Wlodan project is an example of how easy it is to introduce washing to any sand and aggregate operation. The M2500 is establishing a reputation as the premier choice for anyone considering a washing plant and all the signs are that there are many more projects to come in the months ahead."

The process

The M2500 washing plant is processing -32mm material which has been pre-screened by Wlodan. The plant includes a feed system, double deck rinsing screen, integrated Evowash sand washing plant and stockpile conveyors.

With between 70% and 90% of the sand and gravel feed material falling in the -2mm range the bulk of production is a -2mm sand product. In addition the M2500 produces a 2-16mm and 16-32mm washed aggregate. The 2-16mm material is subsequently screened to form a 2-8mm and 8-16mm product.

Although at present the new washed material is being used by Wlodan within their own asphalt and readymix concrete plants there has been significant interest in the washed -2mm sand product from companies involved in the manufacture of precast concrete. "We are very happy with the results being achieved by the M2500 as the quality of the washed sand and aggregates is driving improvements in quality and efficiency in our own production processes" says Andrzej Wlodarczyk, founder and current owner of Wlodan. "It is also possible that over the coming months the high quality washed products will open up new markets to us."

An unexpected bonus

In addition to the sand and gravel deposits at the quarry Wlodan had a number of stockpiles of excavation waste from their road construction works. During commissioning of the new washing plant Wlodan decided to try and process some of this material through the M2500 to establish whether any material could be recovered. These tests were successful so the first few weeks of production were focused on recovering material from these waste stockpiles.

"The processing of the waste stockpiles was an unexpected application for this M2500" explains Roman Gorski of CDE. "But the success that Wlodan have had in recovering material from a waste product proves the versatility of the M2500."

CDE expect to add to the growing number of washing plant installations in Poland over the coming months . "With each new project comes further evidence of the capability of our equipment to deliver real quality and efficiency improvements for anyone involved in the production of sand and aggregates" says Roman Gorski. "Ruda are enjoying significant success as a result of the focus they have given our range and this approach along with their capability to deliver local support ensures the future is bright for Poland."