Prompt delivery, cost control, and improved customer support are objectives continuously being pursued by Micronics Engineered Filtration and partner Ishigaki Co. To support the highly successful Lasta press, Micronics Engineered Filtration and Ishgaki Company Ltd. have entered into an agreement to manufacture and stock critical spare parts in the US in order to reduce lead times and decrease costs.

Micronics, in association with Ishigaki, can now service and support a large number of machines, and their market share continues to expand rapidly. To maintain machine efficiency and the high levels of performance required in mining operations, the two companies are working rapidly towards manufacturing and stocking all critical parts for North America and South America. Micronics alone services over 100 machines, including their own filters.

To further support their customers, Micronics introduced a program to enter into fixed contracts for scheduled training and maintenance visits. The results have been outstanding, and the program has provided the following advantages:

  • Major machine upgrades for units in service have met schedules and budget.
  • New stock plate designs have been retrofitted to existing filters with minor shut down times.
  • Operator training and start up supervision have ensured installation timetables are achieved.

Micronics/Ishigaki booked a number of service contracts in 2011, providing scheduled visits for maintenance and new operator training. This ongoing program benefits the machine operation, maximises production, and minimises unscheduled maintenance shut down.