MICROMINE has formed a new strategic partnership with Carlson Machine Control, a division of Carlson Software Inc.
As part of the partnership, Pitram, MICROMINE’s Mine Operations System for underground and surface mines, will be integrated with Carlson’s machine control solutions.

The objective of the integration is to enhance Pitram’s machine guidance and fleet management capabilities for surface mines.

Pitram is an essential and proven system for the management, control and process improvement of mining operations. Pitram can be used to record, manage and process mine site data related to equipment, personnel, locations and materials.

The system provides an overall view of the current mine status and increases clients’ control over their operations. Pitram’s analytical tools help mine controllers and engineers to identify operational constraints, leading to increased production through improved utilization of existing resources.

Introduced to the market in 1997, Carlson’s machine control solutions have a solid history of machine guidance in the construction, mining, landfill, dredging and 3D drilling markets. Through the provision of hardware and software for High Precision GNSS guidance, Carlson ensures heavy mobile equipment is operated precisely and according to design, eliminating inefficiencies and unnecessary costs and increasing safety.

The integration between the two systems will increase Pitram’s surface fleet management capabilities by providing high precision machine guidance. Equipment operators will be able to perform activities such as drilling, excavation and loading more precisely, ensuring objectives are achieved more efficiently.

"MICROMINE’s partnership with Carlson will provide significant benefits to both existing and future Pitram customers globally," said Kevin Fitzpatrick, MICOMINE CEO. "Through the introduction of machine guidance within Pitram, we are strengthening the solution’s fleet management capabilities.

"MICROMINE is looking forward to working directly with Carlson and to integrating and developing new solutions not only with Carlson but also with the company’s extensive dealer channels in selected regions," he adds.

Randy Noland, vice-president marketing and business development from Carlson, said: "The alignment of Pitram and Carlson’s Grade machine control solutions opens new doors for both companies, particularly within emerging markets that have demonstrated a need for sophisticated mining technologies."

The synergies between the two leading companies extend beyond their technology offerings. MICROMINE and Carlson have similar histories. Bruce Carlson, a surveyor and civil engineer, founded Carlson Software in 1983 to provide solutions for surveyors and the civil market. Graeme Tuder, MICROMINE’s managing director, also a surveyor by trade, founded MICROMINE in 1986 with the aim of providing leading solutions to the mining sector.

Since their establishment, both companies have experienced significant growth and international expansion, and now provide a diverse suite of solutions widely regarded by the mining sector as the most advanced offerings available. The partnership between MICROMINE and Carlson will further reinforce this outstanding reputation.