Over the years, companies that provide industrial services and solutions have come under close scrutiny due to mandated policies, practices and procedures. The efforts are to streamline operations, improve safety and increase efficiencies all while cutting costs.

However, many won’t admit that, at times, these mandates are based on limited information or knee-jerk reactions to address an incident or mitigation against an anomaly. Although the attempts are to capitalise on what may seem like an exceptional idea, oftentimes these policies and procedures emanate from sources within an organisation that are far removed from the action.

MCOR is acutely aware of the pressures that many engineers, plant and project managers and key personnel face in order to deliver on these requirements. The company’s goal is to simplify this process.

MCOR’s representatives / distributors are dedicated to providing the proper solution to use along with the corresponding application, depending on the scope of each individual project. Rather than replacing deteriorating assets, using MCOR’s line of advanced mechanical polymers will offer maintenance crews the ability to address and conduct repairs in-house, enhance assets and perform maintenance on items that may have eluded them in the past.

MCOR’s expertise in rehabilitation solutions will ultimately augment the reach of your maintenance team. Inevitably those abilities translate into savings that warrant serious consideration and will impact your bottom line.

Through MCOR’s line of advanced mechanical polymers, significant savings and efficiencies can be realised. MCOR’s line-up of products affords you the following:

  • Significant options to address the repair of assets such as pumps, industrial components, equipment, machinery and structures
  • Mitigation solutions to address leaks and the enhancement of assets before and after putting them on-line
  • Ability to address critical path applications
  • Dealing with corrosion under insulation (CUI) issues
  • Protecting assets operating in highly corrosive and abrasive environments
  • Increase and realise fluid flow efficiency
  • Reclamation of lost metal and the ability to refurbish equipment that can be put into your spare parts inventory
  • Ability to utilise a two coat system that allows you to actually monitor the effectiveness of the coating between inspections and service intervals
  • Exceptional option when the need calls for a sacrificial surface to protect the underlying substrate against aggressive wear, abrasion or cavitation
  • Conduct emergency repairs onsite or underway
  • Ability to conduct repairs in confined spaces due to no VOCs
  • Able to do in-situ machining of components
  • Ease-of-use and application by brush, roller or spraying

Based on its experience, MCOR has found that often times decision makers find themselves in a position where they must be both creative and prudent in addressing repairs and protecting assets; that’s where MCORABILITIES can assist you by providing common sense solutions.

MCOR would welcome any inquiries and look forward to demonstrating the company’s commitment to providing you with exceptional customer service and the support many of its clients demand and have come to expect and count on.

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