Heat pad

Three simple care tips to maximise the lifespan of your Heat Pads.

  • Thoroughly cover Heat Pads with tyre talc

Once Airbags are inflated, Monaflex Heat Pads conform completely to the contours of the tyre leaving no gaps. Before each use thoroughly cover both sides of the Heat Pad with tyre talc to prevent any friction occurring with the tyre as the Airbags are inflating. This talc allows the Heat Pads to move freely preventing any stretching and splitting from occurring.

  • Don’t lift the Heat Pad by the wires

Over time, constantly lifting and dragging Heat Pads by their control cables can result in premature damage and failure. The new generation X-Pad contains extra reinforcement around the handle which prevents this type of long term wear and tear. Find out more about our X-Pads.

  • Pre-heat your Heat Pads to 50°C

Before positioning Heat Pads on the tyre pre-heat your Heat Pads to 50°C to maximise flexibility and aid installation. This allows the Heat Pad to easily conform with the complex contours of the tyre.