Generous GKN Wheels & Structures employees in Telford have passed a major milestone after donating £750,000 to local charities via their give-as-you-earn payroll scheme.

The GKN Sankey Employees’ Charity Trust was established in 1989. The voluntary contribution scheme allows employees to give money directly from their salary to good causes in the Shropshire area.

Over the years, the site has amassed an amazing £ ¾mn of charitable donations.

The latest charity to benefit from the scheme is The Movement Centre, which provides support for children with cerebral palsy and other movement control problems.

A delegation from the charity joined GKN employees and Employees’ Charity Trust representatives to celebrate the milestone.

Vera Corbett MBE is one of the scheme’s Trustees and has been involved since the beginning.

She said: "Over the last 24 years we’ve been staggered by the continued generosity of our team, old and new, especially given the current economic climate.

"We’ve been delighted to help a variety of organisations and individuals in Shropshire, through direct funding, new equipment or staff resources to improve people’s quality of life, and have been fully supported by the senior management team."