Kemira has long been recognized for its dispersant technology used in the white pigments arena. It is a leader in providing low molecular weight polymer chemistry for dispersion of kaolin clay and calcium carbonate. With polymer expertise that bridges directly to unique technology for scale control, Kemira offers solutions for a wide range of scaling problems encountered in mining operations.

The mining industry faces the dual challenge of declining ore quality and the need to save and recycle more water. This is changing the nature of many process circuits and is creating scaling conditions in mineral operations that had not previously experienced this kind of problem. Mineral scaling is prevalent in water systems that are saturated with ionic constituents. Calcium carbonate or calcium sulfate fouling is often associated with leaching processes.

Well-recognised uses of scale control agents are in gold leaching processes, where calcium present in the water system or introduced with lime addition for pH control combines with carbonate, leading to calcium carbonate scaling. Severe scale formation is not limited to gold processes, as both copper and nickel leaching processes are also susceptible. Any process involving the addition of lime is also at risk with scaling often seen in pipework and filters.

Kemira’s comprehensive line of KemGuard scale control products can help. Our scale control product line allows us to select from a wide range of options to address specific and the most difficult mineral deposition problems. In recommending a product, we look at the system as a whole and understand that chemical addition upstream can have major effects on downstream operations. Scale control is an essential tool in managing water quality, and as such we practice an active R&D program to develop the KemGuard product line to solve scaling problems where solutions may not have yet been identified.

Oil and mining offers a large selection of innovative chemical extraction and process solutions for the oil and mining industries, where water plays a central role. Utilizing our expertise, we enable our customers to improve efficiency and productivity.