During the 2012 PASTE Seminar, to be held from 16-19 April in Sun City, South Africa, Kemira will present some of the principles of flocculation at the one-day pre-meeting polymer workshop.

Along with representatives from other global manufacturers and suppliers of polymers, Kemira’s Mick Bower will lend his experience and insight to the fundamentals of coagulation and flocculation applied to paste thickening, as well as conventional uses and methods of application.

The former topic will address process differences between water treatment and tailings thickening, while the latter will encompass issues related to practical uses of polymers such as make-down, dosing, and storage practices and principles.

Mick Bower is Kemira’s Global Applications Manager for its Minerals & Metals customer segment. He has been associated with the mining industry for more than 20 years with American Cyanamid, Cytec, and now Kemira. Mick is based near Bradford in the United Kingdom, where Kemira operates the largest of its dry polyacrylamide (DPAM) plants.

Kemira is also an Industry Sponsor of the PASTE Seminar. Individuals planning to attend are encouraged to give consideration to also registering for this educational, one-day session on 16 April. Meet Mick and other Kemira representatives to learn more about Kemira’s solutions to today’s mineral-processing problems.

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