Kemira offers a broad range of chemistries that are widely used in the mining and processing of copper ore. Kemira’s expertise in water quality and quantity management enables us to add value to our customers’ water-intensive processes, and optimise water use and re-use.

Our products, for example the Superfloc brand of dry flocculants, have found application in copper mining for many years. Superfloc products can be found in flotation and leaching plants the world over.

Kemira offers a wide range of anionic and nonionic products to ensure the appropriate product charge and molecular weight for each application. The higher molecular weight products are ideal for high rate and ultra-high rate thickeners. Superfloc nonionic flocculants are especially useful in SX/EW CCD trains with proven compatibility with solvent-extraction circuits. In copper refining, nonionic Superfloc products can also be used as cathode smoothing aids during the electrowinning process to improve cathode quality.

Now Kemira offers an even broader array of chemistries to improve customers’ processes. Basic R&D work being conducted on defoamers places us in a unique position to provide foam-control products that meet stringent process and regulatory requirements. KemEcal dispersants are used to control pulp viscosity in floating difficult-to-handle ores with high slimes content. Proper use of this chemistry helps to improve both the recovery and grade of copper.

As plant conditions change and circuits are closed, scale formation becomes more of an issue for the mining industry. Processing benefits with the use of KemGuard scale-control agents can be realised in operations where conditions often create the perfect environment for scale formation.

Kemira’s unique position in offering both organic and inorganic coagulants means that the optimum program for wastewater treatment can be developed. Proven treatment regimens are used for arsenic, selenium and heavy metals removal.
Kemira Oil & Mining offers a large selection of innovative chemical extraction and process solutions for the oil and mining industries, where water plays a central role. Utilising our expertise, we enable our customers to improve efficiency and productivity.