Kemira’s oil and mining segment is pleased to announce that the globally-recognized Superfloc® brand, trusted by the mining industry for over 50 years, is produced solely by Kemira and available directly from the company and its authorized agents and distributors.

The range of Superfloc’s utility spans mining applications from water clarification and filtration to thickening and tailings management, and our extensive manufacturing network ensures timely supply and quality product for mining customers throughout the world.

Over a thousand client locations, representing multiple end-use applications, are today using Superfloc to meet tight performance requirements and exacting product specifications, which have always been a hallmark of the brand. Backed by Kemira’s expertise in water chemistry and continuing innovation efforts in our four state-of-the-art research and development centers, Superfloc will remain an industry standard for mining operations.

"Superfloc polymers are the cornerstone of our mining business," says Joe Narciso, vice president of Kemira’s minerals and metals customer segment. "Even though we offer an entire family of chemistries for this growing worldwide market, including antiscalants, binders, coagulants, defoamers, metals precipitants, rheology modifiers, and dispersants, our entrée has always been this multi-functional chemistry used both in-process and in waste water treatment."

Contact your local Kemira sales representative or authorized reseller for more information about the Superfloc product line.

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