Hexagon Mining today introduces GeoLogic, a modelling software solution to help geologists explore multiple interpretative scenarios and quickly build complex shapes directly from drillholes. Fully integrated with Hexagon Mining’s MineSight Planning Suite, GeoLogic empowers geologists with smart, time-saving modelling.

Designed for a geological modeller, GeoLogic leverages the power of implicit modelling by sequencing surfaces and solids to create an airtight geological model. Geologists can now build a timeline of geological events. Reproducible and auditable, the geological model can be quickly updated with new information.

GeoLogic features a smart vein-set creation and strata-layer stacking methodology based on MineSight’s true thickness functionality. GeoLogic automatically manages fault blocks and unconformities, and is powered by the industry-standard Radial Basis Function. It allows you to maximise field data information by combining surface mapping point, downhole data point, and downhole and surface orientation to create realistic surfaces and solids.

GeoLogic can be used to build and manage complex models comprising many different geological events sequenced within a timeline. These timelines and the geological events within them can be built as a package, easily updated, and rebuilt as new data becomes available. Knowledge of a deposit’s structural evolution allows a geologist to sequence and reorganise geological events in the timeline area to create perfectly clipped surface and solids representing their interpretation of the deposit.

These complex models are secure, and can be used as a basis for domain creation when transitioning to the resource block model phase. GeoLogic supports the ability to name and save models and their parameter sets, and to use and update them in the future.

Product manager Melanie Bolduc said "GeoLogic improves our versatile geology solution.

"It enables geologists to move seamlessly from data interpretation, data interpolation, and data statistics using integrated functionalities."