IDS is pleased to present the latest member of the IBIS family of slope monitoring radar designed to improve safety within open pit mines.

The IBIS-Rover maintains all the strength points of the others members of the family, providing real-time and all-weather measurements of mine wall movements with sub-millimeter accuracy.

IBIS-Rover is therefore ideal for safety critical monitoring, with the added value of high mobility and fast deployment.

It offers the following extra benefits:

  • Quick and easy one-man set up
  • Self-contained and fully integrated system
  • Enlarged field of view of up to 270°, for wider coverage of specific slope geometry at short-range

These capabilities make of the IBIS-Rover an ideal tool for:

  • Open cut, long-wall operations
  • Multiple open pits where frequent relocation is required
  • When urgent active monitoring is required

The IBIS-Rover is a valuable tool for coal strip mining, where short-range monitoring and fast deployment along the pit major axis is often required.

Rapid installation enlarged coverage makes it ideal for multi-pit, short-range monitoring, or quick focus on critical areas.

As a member of the IBIS radar family, IBIS-Rover is a perfect tool to cover a wide range of spatial and temporal scale of instabilities.

Wide area coverage and high spatial resolution, typical of IBIS technology, ensures detection of all types of slope movements, from sub-bench failures to large collapses.

In addition, continuous data storage and processing capabilities permits to track the movement history from initial small deformations to rapid movements immediately preceding a slope failure.

IBIS-Rover is fully integrated with the unique FPM360 Full Pit Monitoring platform and can be used in conjunction with long-range IBIS systems.

The IBIS-Rover is designed to improve mine safety and productivity standards, with small power consumption (approximately 15 days of autonomous power), and the robustness and reliability typical of IBIS products.

IBIS-Rover was presented during the annual User Day where guests had the opportunity to see it in action. During the next few weeks, visit the IDS website to see customer impressions and comments about past and new IBIS systems.