IDS is pleased to introduce IBIS Guardian 3.1, the latest release of IBIS Guardian software, combining a reworked user interface with the most advanced automatic atmospheric correction algorithm available on the market.

The new AdaptivePS atmospheric correction is the result of eight years of improvements and expertise, working in the mining industry and dealing every day with real, complex cases of extreme weather variability. From sea level up to 5,000m of elevation, from the driest areas of the planet to the equatorial latitudes, AdaptivePS provides, right from the second scan, immediate responses to sudden changes of weather variables.

IBIS Guardian 3.1 maintains the power, simplicity and reliability always appreciated by IBIS customers, coupled with the unique multi-scale processing that resolves in real-time up to four orders of magnitude of movement velocities, making it the ideal tool for safety-critical purposes, long-term planning and geotechnical assessment of the rock mass behavior.

New features in Guardian 3.1:

  • AdaptivePS: always keep IBIS data reliability at the highest level, by automatically adapting in real-time to all the sudden changes typical of extreme weather conditions in the most challenging mining scenarios, right from the second scan
  • Data quality time series: an advanced tool to check the quality of radar data to facilitate user interpretation and take quicker decisions
  • Phase Ambiguity Alarm: improved customisation for the unique feature providing alerts as the measured velocity approaches the maximum allowed by the user radar setup
  • Reworked user interface: streamlined user workflow and quicker interaction with software analysis tools
  • Auto-export function: easy exportability of radar data for integration with third-parties monitoring platforms. Export of displacement maps, velocity maps, time series, hazard maps and hazard time series in different file formats (DXF, SHP, 3DXYZ, ESRI, CSV4D…)