Birko Zip Industries G4 HydroTap

The brilliant new Zip HydroTap G4 is not only the world’s most advanced filtered drinking water appliance, but it also comes in a range of designer finishes to suit any style of interior design. In addition to bright and brushed chrome, the new Zip HydroTap G4 is available in stylish matt and gloss black.

Gloss and matt black

In keeping with design trends seen around the world, the Zip HydroTap G4 is now available in gloss or matt black finishes.

Recent design fairs in Europe and Australia have revealed a move towards more refined matt finishes for vertical and horizontal surfaces, with gloss elements used as feature pieces. The Zip HydroTap G4 can be matched or contrasted with these surfaces for added visual impact.

Bright and brushed chrome

There is a continuing trend for appliances that add a sense of glamour and luxury to their surroundings, which is where the Zip HydroTap G4 in bright or brushed chrome finish is the perfect fit.

Designers can now mix and match between the glamour of the bright chrome finish or opt for the more laidback, brushed chrome to create a truly personalised kitchen environment.

G4 technology

It is now much easier to offer clients the convenience of the environmentally friendly Zip HydroTap G4, which boosts boiling water output and optimises performance.

Advanced insulation means standby energy consumption has been dramatically reduced and the innovative air-cooled system does not dump water to waste.

Five-year warranty*

The new Zip HydroTap G4 is so reliable that it is offered with a five-year warranty and supported by a nation-wide installation and service team.

*Warranty conditions apply.

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Image: The Zip HydroTap G4, now available in gloss or matt black finishes. Photo: courtesy of Birko.