amphenil coal ex

Amphenol Industrial Products Group now offers an explosion-proof, heavy-duty, hazardous rated connector series that provides outstanding performance in automated process control and instrumentation systems.

Amphe-Coal EX is a miniature version of Amphenol’s Amphe-Mine EX connector series.

Made of environmentally sealed plugs and receptacles, the Amphe-Coal EX series is certified for use in IECEx Group 1 – mining in Australia, and is going through MA, mining certification in China.

Used in the mining industry, this connector series is ideal for use in classified facilities such as underground mining sites where machinery requires more power and signal in a smaller interface.

Amphenol’s Amphe-Coal EX series provides a reliable connection in power distribution, data acquisition and transmission, communication systems and process control, as well as in embedded computer and other applications where zone or class-rated connectors are required.

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image: The Amphe-Coal EX for hazardous use. Photo: courtesy of Amphenol Industrial Products Group.