Guardvant announces the official opening of the 24/7 monitoring center for OpGuard customers. The monitoring center provides customers with active monitoring of system performance, classification of fatigue and distraction events, and reporting for stakeholders.

"While Guardvant has offered this service in the past on a case-by-case basis, it is now available to all Guardvant customers," Sergio Blacutt, CEO of Guardvant Inc. "We believe the implementation of this center will allow us to provide a more complete offering for our customers."

The OpGuard Operator Fatigue and Alertness Monitoring System uses a non-intrusive infrared camera to monitor the operator’s eye closure and head movements for signs of fatigue and distraction. When a fatigue or distracted-driving event is detected the operator is immediately alerted by in-cab audio alerts and seat vibration. Upon detection, the event information is sent to the remote monitoring center for review and severity determination with a two-minute response time.

Depending on the classification, an email is sent to the appropriate mine personnel. In addition, reports are generated to identify trends in the data to help mines implement the changes needed to reduce fatigue and distracted-driving events.

"Active monitoring of the implemented technology contributes to a safer mining operation," said Ryan Hawes, vice president of business development for Guardvant. "It is necessary to take into account the needs of the operators as well as the organizational structure of a site, in combination with the monitoring system, to ensure a successful execution."

OpGuard will be demonstrated at MINExpo International 2016, September 26-29, 2016 at Guardvant’s booth (South Hall – 27015).