Redavia Frost & Sullivan award

Frost & Sullivan has awarded Redavia the 2014 Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Innovation Leadership in the Solar-Diesel Hybrid Sector during its annual Best Practices Awards.

The award recognises Redavia’s pioneering solar table design, which can be deployed to work in tandem with diesel generators quickly and easily, and form the backbone of Redavia’s industry-leading rental solar farm business model.

Frost & Sullivan Research Associate Xolani Mncedane said: "Redavia designs solar power plants that are easily integrated with the onsite diesel gensets.

"The power plants are built in container-based modular units of 87kWh, which is improving with advances in design and technology, so they can be easily scaled-up to installations of several megawatts."

Redavia’s business model and technology is particularly suited to the mining industry, as it has projects with heavy power demands and operates in remote regions for limited life spans. With Redavia’s rental solar farms, which include service and operations, mining companies can dramatically reducing their spending on diesel power.

"Although Redavia initially focused only on rural communities, it quickly identified and seized the opportunities presented by remote mining companies that are powered exclusively by diesel gensets," Mncedane added.

"By implementing a challenge-driven business model that assists it in delivering tailored clean energy solutions with flexible finance options, it has shown resourcefulness in leveraging the renewable energy mega trend."

Photo: Redavia CEO Erwin Spolders accepting the award. Image: courtesy of Redavia.