The G-Saver II is a retractable fall arrest device that features a rescue winch for raising or lowering the user to safety.

Should a fall occur, the steel cable is pulled out at an accelerating rate and, when a speed of 1.5m/sec is reached, the braking system activates, arresting and cushioning the fall.

Once the fall has been arrested, the winch mechanism can be engaged and the user can either be raised or lowered.

The G-Saver II eliminates the need for additional equipment to retrieve users and prevents them from being suspended for a long period of time, awaiting rescue by other means.

With the suspended load removed and the winch mechanism disengaged, the cable automatically retracts back in to the unit, regaining its fall-arrest function.

The G-Saver II can be mounted vertically above the user or horizontally. It can also be used in conjunction with our G-Tripod.