Dragflow, a world player in solid pumping solutions, announces the complete restyling of its dredges; a technical initiative to improve design, working conditions and process monitoring, building on our traditional strengths; pumping high solid concentrations, working at high depth with operating costs among the lowest on the market.

In the new dredge the operator cabin has been completely redesigned to be more comfortable with a better view of the work area. Dragflow’s technicians and engineers have used all their consolidated knowhow and the expertise to design a machine at the fore-front of innovation. The restyled cabin is equipped with more instruments to monitor work activities, such as a working depth, pump rpm and working pressure, critical alarms and dredge position. A logging system has been installed to track dredge activities and if necessary help in troubleshooting.

Dragflow also gives to its customers the opportunity to integrate a 3G wireless real time monitoring system in order to allow remote control of dredging parameters and operation. The new dredges, with extended fuel tank to reduce the frequency of re-fuelling, will also have an innovative cooling system, sound proof enclosure and available coating for acid or basic environments. Dragflow machines are designed for the harshest working conditions.

Each year, Dragflow invests a high percentage of its revenue in R&D training in order to assure the suitability and functionality of the end product and to increase the customer’s productivity. The company has been ISO9001 certified for many years, which provides a disciplined approach to the improvement of its operation processes and is now also supported by a brand new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system provided by SAP.