Canadian Malartic is the largest gold reserve in Canada and was scheduled to be in production by mid 2011.

Delkor is proud to have supplied the Thickeners and Belt Linear Screens for this project. Osisko has installed six Delkor Belt Linear Screens (2 x 32m2 for Trash, 2 x 20m2 for Carbon Safety, and 2 x 9m2 for Loaded Carbon) and 2 x 65m High Rate Thickeners (leach feed and tailings).

These Delkor Belt Screens are among the largest of this type supplied in the industry, and were selected based on their superior trash removal and carbon dewatering capabilities.

The Thickeners include Delkor’s unique feedwell design that allows for higher dilution volumes and lower flocculant consumption.

some of the design considerations for low temperature Thickener operation include insulated doghouses, hydraulic fluid heaters and low temperature hydraulic fluid. The equipment was recently installed with Delkor supervision on-site and commissioning is expected to take place in early 2011. Delkor looks forward to the start-up and success of Osisko’s Malactic gold property.