The pressure on organisations to minimise downtime and decrease expenditure is ever increasing, and to many the essential, yet costly and time-consuming area of conveyor belt maintenance is challenging.

Monaflex has utilised forty years’ experience in the tyre repair industry to develop a radical, lightweight conveyor belt maintenance system that changes everything:

  • The Monaflex system operates effectively at 30psi (rather than the traditional 100psi) meaning no specialist equipment is required
  • The lower operating pressure means the bulky, heavy-duty frameworks of traditional systems can be abandoned and the system can be transported in any standard vehicle and installed by a smaller than usual number of people

This means that you can achieve the same quality finish but:

  • The system itself is more cost-effective as there is no investment in pricey heavy metal work and assemblies.
  • There is reduced capital outlay due to the lack of specialist vehicles or lifting equipment
  • A reduced core maintenance team size (no more need to utilise valuable resources to lug exceptionally heavy equipment by foot to remote locations)

Large corporations seeking to optimise their operation, those hoping to set up as independent contractors or those expanding their small business can all benefit from the cost-saving benefits of the Monaflex system.