cirlock valve lockout kit

New valve lockout kit from from Cirlock. Introducing the brand new Valve Lockout Kit in an extra large lockout bag.

This new kit from Cirlock includes lockouts for most types of valves, as well as circuit breaker lockouts, padlocks and tags. You can also add to the kit if you would like to customise it for your workplace.

The standard kit includes:

  • 1 x LCB-7 carry bag
  • 1 x GVL-2 Gate valve lockout
  • 1 x GVL-4 gate valve lockout
  • 1 x GVL-6 gate valve lockout
  • 1 x BVL-1- RED ball valve lockout
  • 1 x CWL- cylinder valve lockout
  • 1 x BVL-3 Large Ball Valve Lockout
  • 1 x SLH-30 lockout hasp
  • 1 x UCL-1 universal lockout for MCB’s
  • 1 x UCL-2 universal Lockout for MCCB’s
  • 2 x SLP-150-RED lockout padlock
  • 1 x MFL-2 multifunction cable lockout
  • 10 x SDT-1 danger tags
  • 10 x SDT-2 out of service tags
  • Pen, screwdriver and cable ties

Lockout and stay safe with all of the lockout equipment needed to enable electrical technicians and others to safely lock out energy sources before working on them.

Other lockout kits are also available. Cirlock Contractor Lockout Kits are made in Australia by Cirlock. Items can also be purchased separately.