cirlock pink

Cirlock has developed a large range of coloured padlocks for added safety onsite.

Scenario: You’re on site, so are 15 other contractors, it’s busy, it’s hot, everyone is going about their business and it looks a little like chaos. One way to ensure there is some organisation in the chaos is to have strict safety procedures that are adhered to.

It’s not as hard as it might seem, there are some simple ways to ensure that you and your team are kept safe and stay safe.

Locking out a power source is critical to the safe maintenance of any electrically operated equipment. Knowing who has locked out the equipment is not only vital to the safety of the team because you’ve got to know who holds the key, but it also means that when work is complete the equipment can go back to work as quickly as possible.

One way to quickly identify who is the key holder is to colour code the padlocks. Cirlock has developed a large range of different coloured padlocks to help with this safety procedure, with the latest colours being purple and pink.

It may be worth considering colour coding job types or levels of seniority within your organisation, so you know who to go to on site to unlock the power source.

One padlock, one key, zero deaths.

To find out more abut the range visit the company website.

Image: Proudly supporting the Real Men Wear Pink Campaign to reach the goal of zero deaths onsite by 2030. Photo: courtesy of Cirlock.