CiDRA announces today the successful completion of another project win with KROHNE Australia for CiDRA’s SONARtrac® flow measurement solution.

These additional systems will support the roll-out of the CITIC Pacific Mining SINO iron project, which has been a joint campaign between KROHNE Australia and CiDRA.

CiDRA’s managing director Asia Pacific Michael Murphy states that: “We are delighted to report this significant success with KROHNE Australia with such a premier project.

“CiDRA and KROHNE have been collaborating in Australia for over six years and are looking forward to a continued relationship and mutual success for many years to come in this very key industry and market.”

CiDRA’s sonar flow meter is the newest class of flow meter that has become the industry standard for slurry measurement. SONARtrac non-intrusive flow monitoring systems do not make contact with the slurry and can be removed and reinstalled without process interruption.

As well, SONARtrac systems demonstrate a very stable output in the presence of a variety of ores and demonstrate superior levels of performance. This passive sonar-based technology enables measurements of single phase and multi-phase fluids, as well as slurries, with the same level of accuracy and performance.

For more information on CiDRA’s SONARtrac systems, please visit the company website.