CiDRA Oilsands announced today that Canadian Dewatering L.P (CDLP) has chosen CiDRA’s SONARtrac® flow monitoring systems for several key applications managed by CDLP.

CDLP’s Oil Sands tailings management team is the industry’s leading partner in assisting the oil sands operators with directive 74 objectives, which were implemented to ensure that tailings produced in mining operations are managed, to achieve the goal of minimising and eventually eliminating the storage of tailings. This process starts with slurry being dredged from the tailings ponds and then pumped for further treatment. CDLP has commissioned more than a dozen SONARtrac systems, due to the high reliability, performance and maintenance-free operation that CDLP’s end customers required, and was best suited for the critical applications.

Since it began serving the oilsands industry in 2003, CiDRA has successfully launched a series of innovative products and services, based on SONARtrac® and SMARTring™ technologies, that have been tailored to meet the unique challenges of its customers involved in mineable oilsands operations. These solutions help enable customers increase plant and process predictability, reduce process variability and enhance resource sustainability.

"We are extremely pleased to be selected by CDLP to meet their flow measurement needs for their critical applications," said Roman Malina, director of sales at CiDRA Oilsands.