IDCON founder and CEO Christer Idhammar has announced he will be delivering a workshop at the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP) Symposium, which takes place in Atlanta, Georgia from 7-8 June.

Mr. Idhammar will present a four-hour workshop entitled ‘Dos and Don’ts to Achieve and Sustain Asset Integrity Excellence’.

The workshop focuses on how to improve reliability using examples of common mistakes and successful initiatives.

The event will reinforce the concept that while leadership may change in an organization, a clear mission stating that manufacturing reliability can only be achieved in an equal partnership between operations, maintenance, stores and engineering.

Mr. Idhammar stated, "Improving reliability and maintenance performance is 90% about people and 10% about technology. The mobility of top management often results in frequently starting new initiatives with new names on the same things.

"This topic is vital to the SMRP membership in their understanding of how to create sustainable reliability initiatives."

Mr. Idhammar is a high profiled and world-renowned guru and expert within Reliability and Maintenance.

He started his career in the Swedish merchant marine where he started developing fundamentals of his Results Oriented Reliability and Maintenance Management concept.

During the last 40 years this concept has evolved during his time as mechanic crafts person, engineer, manager, consultant, educator and philosopher, reliability guru and company leader.

As a consultant he started the Idhammar group of companies in Sweden in 1972, and his own company in USA in 1985: IDCON Inc in Raleigh, North Carolina.


  • He is the recipient of many awards including the coveted EUROMAINTENANCE Incentive award in 2002 for outstanding achievement and worldwide accomplishments in the field of reliability and maintenance
  • Salvetti Foundation Best Speaker Award
  • Reliability 2.0 Las Vegas Best Speaker award