Belt Conveyor Product (BCP) Overview Guide

Following the announcement that a new CEMA standard for belt cleaners had been developed, Flexco updated its belt conveyor product (BCP) overview guide with ratings on all of its heavy-duty belt cleaners. In doing so, Flexco is the first manufacturer to publish ratings for their full line of cleaners.

The new CEMA standards were developed to assist end-users with belt cleaner selection so they can choose the correct cleaner for their application.

Flexco chief engineer Brett DeVries, who was a part of the team who wrote the CEMA standard said: "You obviously don’t want to under-specify your cleaner because you need it to get the job done, but you also don’t want to install a cleaner that is more than you need from a cost perspective

"The new standard provides clarity for the person who is specifying or asking for a system. That transparency means you don’t have to become an expert to know what kind of cleaner you need."

Flexco made the decision to publish ratings for all of their heavy-duty cleaners to provide clarity and guidance to the end-user in accordance to the new industry standard.

Ryan Grevenstuk, senior product manager for Flexco said: "This doesn’t replace the technical guidance provided by Flexco and its distributors.

"We feel that publishing the ratings will allow our customers to better understand each system when choosing a solution. While this provides additional support in selecting the cleaner, it’s still important to evaluate the unique needs of your conveyor system."

The BCP Overview Guide features in-depth descriptions of the Flexco line of cleaners, trackers, impact beds, and more.

For more information on the full-line of the company’s belt conveyor products, or to view the overview guide please contact Flexco.