austin engineering wheel loader bucket

Leading mining product designer and manufacturer Austin Engineering has released two new wheel loader bucket designs, the JEC L1850-2 (28.3m³) and the JEC L2350-2 (38.2m³).

These JEC buckets for Letourneau wheel loaders are fully OEM compatible and are designed within OEM specifications and bucket design limitations, ensuring there are no warranty implications for end users’ machines.

Wear and fatigue life are improved through a heavy-duty main shell plate and the reinforced headboard provides high impact-resistance. Superior strength and resistance to deflection is achieved through a flat base design, which also provides a uniform bucket floor for ground leveling and clean-up operations.

Increased operator protection is achieved through a spillguard extension, along with improved visibility due to the numerous cut-outs in the headboard and the spillguard infill plate.

Bucket performance and penetration is increased through the spade lip design with a 15° edge angle in lieu of standard 10° units.

The JEC L1850-2 and JEC L2350-2 designs are fully customisable with capacity being adjusted as required to suit varying types of materials, mine specific applications, wear kit coverage, specific GET requests, and more.

The full bucket structure has been optimised by FEA analysis with particular focus given to optimal material utilisation and use of high-strength materials.

Image: Austin Engineering reveals designs for new JEC L1850-2 and JEC L2350-2 wheel loader buckets. Photo: courtesy of Austin Engineering.